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Pursuing Passion Not Always the Best Career Move

“Many of the greatest high-fliers (Warren Buffett and the late Steve Jobs, for example) have rallied behind the idea that, in order to lead a satisfying life, your occupation must be something you absolutely love,” begins an article offering career advice. “You must follow your passion to be happy, they say.” Ritika Trikha writes, “Steve [...]

What Kind of Office Olympian Are You?

Ritika Trikha, CareerBliss Writer, quoted me in her article about what employees can learn from the Olympics.  “Doing everything you can with your natural talent by improving your technique with good coaching and working as hard as possible to master that technique puts you in a position to succeed,” says Steve Langerud. Read more…

8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving for a Job

“Relocating for a job is a fresh start — a chance to reinvent yourself! It’s an opportunity to wow a new team of colleagues with an awesome first impression and tackle a new set of challenges.” writes Ritika Trikha, who contacted me for advice about moving for a job.  Her article in CareerBliss provides good [...]