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Want to stand out in a job search? Upload a photo

The Bottom Line on MSNBC.com quoted my the pros and cons of including a photo in an online profile. On the plus side, people remember pictures, he said, noting that the image becomes “part of your brand.” On the other hand, you could be disqualified because of a photo, he added. Read the full article.


Wait for the job market to recover? Some workers can’t

Eve Tahmincioglu of msnbc.com shared my thoughts on employees working through a company’s tough times. “For the most part employees have been remarkably understanding about the situations of their employers,” said Steve Langerud, a workplace consultant and director of professional opportunities at DePauw University. Read the complete article.


Thirst for career happiness is bumming us out

Eve Tahmincioglu of MSNBC.com quoted me on achieving career happiness. “Be clear what career happiness means to you. Is it security? Control? Mobility? Income? Colleagues? Location? This first step requires brutal self-assessment and complete honesty.” Read the complete article.