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Accommodating Cyber Shopping

Tom Starner of Human Resource Executive Online asked for guidance on how companies should tackle the issure of cyber shopping during work hours. “Be clear about expectations. If you don’t want employeesto be on the Internet, say so, but it is critical to be equitable in enforcement.” Read the full article.


Want to Get Paid More? Be Disagreeable.

Michael O’Brien of Human Resource Executive Online shared my thoughts on working with disagreeable employees. “Make a point of conversation within the organization by naming the behaviors,” he says. “Give everyone a common language to talk about behaviors at work and how they contribute to long-term success.” Read the complete article


Generational Differences in Recognition and Rewards

Michael O’Brien quoted me in his Human Resource Executive Online piece on rewarding Generation Y employees. “Typically, they believe they will be rewarded for results. Not [for] how much time on task or how they do a job but [for] how much they produce.Period.” Read the complete article.