The Three Concerns of Employers

  • Feb27 2012

    The Three Concerns of Employers: Can you do the job? Will you do the job? Will you embarrass me with my employees and customers?

    Employers have very basic concerns when it comes to hiring. Candidates often overestimate the emphasis employers put on technical competence. As a job seeker you need to address these three issues to the satisfaction of the employer.

    Can you do the job? Do you have the basic skills and experiences to do the job? Demonstrated in your resume and cover letter.

    Will you do the job? Do you show up physically and mentally? Tell this story in cover letters and interviews. Back it up with your references.

    Will you embarrass me? Are you a person of good character? Your community service, awards and references can demonstrate that your next employer really does want you walking the streets saying that you work for them.

    As always, keep things simple when you present yourself for employment.

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