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  • Oct11 2010

    Seven Ways to Nail That Dream Job

    Colleen Kane of CNBC.con quoted me in a story on landing a dream job, specifically on a tactic I often recommend.

    Position yourself for “chance encounters.” One classic tactic is to hang around where your future coworkers go to socialize.

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  • Sep22 2010

    End Of Census Sends Temps Looking For Jobs

    Sarah McCammon of NPR’s Morning Edition included an audio clip from me.

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  • May25 2010

    Grad Tidings

    Brian Moore of the New York Post quoted me in a job search article written for graduating college seniors.

    “Be at peace with nepotism. People are just opening the door — you have to walk through, based on your qualifications, your skills, your talent. No one is going to give you something in this economy that you shouldn’t have.”

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