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  • Jan11 2011

    Want to find a job? Nonprofit ‘.jobs’ service seeks to revolutionize the search.

    Gloria Goodale and Daniel Wood of The Christian Science Monitor posted my reaction to Bill Warren’s ( .jobs listing system.

    “If Warren and his company get some traction then it will transform the market for job seekers and employers.”

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  • Jan10 2011

    Why Women Need a Sponsor for Career Development

    Margot Carmichael Lester, a contributing writer published some of my thoughts on the benefits of a career sponsor.

    “The role of sponsor is to ask what you can do for an employer, not what can be done to develop you as a person and/or professional,” he says. “The focus is on creating, demonstrating and leveraging work product that can be used to position you for advancement either internally or externally.”

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  • Jan01 2011

    How are job seekers ruining their job search?

    Anthony Balderrama quoted me on what not to say during an interview.

    “Talking about the past, not the future. What will you do for your new employer? While this is based in your past work, you must put your past experience into the context of your next employer. Be clear about what they need, where you have done it before, and tell stories to demonstrate you get it.”

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  • Nov16 2010

    Today’s ‘Secure Job’ Is A Stable Career

    Jenna Goudreau and Vicki Salemi of Forbes quoted me in a piece on how the definition of a “secure job” is changing.

    “Job stability today is not related to maintaining the same employer or even the same industry.”

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  • Nov16 2010

    Grace Under Pressure

    Dawn Klingensmith posted a story to The Kenosha News that included a quote on how to respond when receiving unexpected critical feedback.

    However, depending on who is doing the criticizing and the nature of your relationship, it may be appropriate to be upfront about your feelings. “Share with them your hurt, surprise, anger and so on, and then ask for more information,” says Steve Langerud, director of professional opportunities, DePauw University, Greencastle, Ind.

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