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But Now What? Chase your dreams!

I am always watching for people who think big about following your career dreams.  Watchen Nyanue is a talented interviewer, producer and visionary who has an exciting new series called “Dream Chasers” at her site “But Now What?” “But Now What” is geared to help college students and graduates find their way in the world [...]

What Would Dr. Suess Do About Your Career?

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.” Once-Ler from the Lorax. Many times we wait until it feels like we are down to the very last seed in our professional lives before we are motivated to change.  And by then it may be too late.  [...]

Best Skills for New Hires

Nicole Halper, coordinating producer at Innovative in Indianapolis, shared three great ideas for what college students should master in their professional lives: 1.  Writing skills.  Learn to produce professional writing at all levels.  From a simple email to major projects she says being able to draft professional communication is a key to success in the [...]