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The New York Times Quote on Performance Reviews

Alina Tugend writes in her February 6, 2015 column in The New York Times about the role of performance reviews. Often supervisors put off tricky talks because they “want to be kind, hope things will get better or pray the employee quits,” said Steve Langerud, a workplace consultant. “The end result is usually the same,” he [...]

YAHOO! Education: White Collar Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree

These six professional careers don’t ask for a big educational commitment. By Terri Williams Many people believe that non-manual labor office jobs, also known as white collar jobs, are only for the well-educated, and are unattainable by those who haven’t had the time, desire, or resources to obtain a degree. However, this is not always the [...]

WSJ MarketWatch: A shorter workweek may make you a better worker

I shared my opinion on the shorter work week with Quentin Fottrell, MarketWatch… Getty Images Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim would like to put you on a 3-day workweek. Working a shorter week would likely make most people feel happier and even more productive, experts say. But research suggests it may also help boost employment rates. Read [...]