Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Mr. Langerud, I can’t tell you how inspired I was after our meeting. It’s even fair to say I got a spiritual download about my future based on it. I jotted down some notes, I ordered my own personal business card and have launched into a direction of writing that I had been pondering for some time. Our meeting crystallized it for me. What a truly inspirational soul you are. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Writer, Indianapolis, Indiana

Steve, Thank you so much for your wisdom and direction. It was so much fun to see people that never seemed to be connected find common ground. I am excited about where those connections will lead us. Besides all the good work, it has been a long time since I have laughed that much or had so much fun. It made us a stronger office, and for that I thank you.

College Administrator, Denver, Colorado

Steve is an accomplished visionary with the innate skill to see and then do. He leads the horse to water AND can get it to drink, not always an easy thing to do. Anyone seeking personal and dynamic attention for their own growth, or that of their organization should seek Steve’s insight and advice.

President and CEO, Cedar Falls, Iowa

I cannot think of a person more readily willing to help students pursue career opportunities, whether it be internships or full-time positions, than Steve. Reaching out to Steve for advice and guidance may have been the single most important decision I made during my job search. His knowledge of information regarding resumes/cover letters, and how to promote a student as the ideal job candidate is second to none. All who have had the opportunity to speak with Steve have increased their chances of success in the future. Steve knows how to highlight people’s strengths and transform them from students to highly qualified professionals.

College Senior, Indianapolis, Indiana

I can’t say thank you enough for the guidance you gave me. The clarity you provided helped me immensely in the job search. I started networking immediately, and was more prepared to focus thanks to you. I stopped asking myself what job (specifically) do I want, and instead focused on what skills do I have that I want to continue using? That made all of the difference.

Sales Executive, Des Moines, Iowa

Since our first meeting Steve has graciously offered his time, energy and counseling expertise to me as I work toward defining my career path and he has been invaluable in this process. He has provided a framework for me to think through my interests and goals, listened with a sharp ear to my thoughts and expertly reflected back these thoughts in a more refined and focused manner. Through these exercises with Steve I have been able to define a new and exciting direction for my career as well as identify and take the first productive steps on that path.

Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

Radically Honest. Steve’s grounded advice and counsel is the backbone of not only my, but many of my peers’ career paths. He effectively blends education, passions and personality into career options. His program allowed him to check-in and gauge progress and recalibrate plans. Steve’s ability to choose the right words allows him to form a trusted connection with clients. After a discussion with Steve, my direction was obvious and I haven’t looked back. Steve understands each person, providing tailored advice and re-connecting to understand its value is key to Steve’s success. He can read a situation and provide counsel that includes short-term actions to achieve long-term objectives.

CEO, New York, New York

I was so delighted by our discussion this morning that I called a friend who is miserable in her work as a lawyer and told her all about you and recommended that she call you.

Attorney, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

It was very interesting to meet you on Wednesday, and I wanted to thank you very much for your advice. It seems in retrospect to have been an incredibly lucky break for me, perhaps fortuitous with a capital F. I immediately worked your recommendations, and, you were right, she was fascinated to talk about their business and how communication of new ideas works.

Archaeologist and Writer, Iowa City, Iowa

I have one successful volunteer gig and now a promising lead for a paid internship thanks to your good advice on being no-nonsense on putting myself out there (online) for a summer job for which I could telecommute. Yay! Thanks again.

Social Media Consultant, North Liberty, Iowa

Hi Steve, I wanted to thank you for taking the time last week to meet with me while you were in Washington. It was also great to get some concrete ideas to improve my own brand image and marketing strategy. I look forward to letting you know how it turns out.

Attorney, Washington, D.C.

Thanks for meeting with me. Very eye opening! Funny how sometimes a person can lose sight of the questions on which they should be focusing.

General Counsel, Des Moines, Iowa

Thanks so much for taking time to see me in New York. I can’t tell you how much your encouragement and suggestions mean to me. I am very appreciative of your help and want to say ‘thank you’ for helping me get the wheels in motion.

Teacher, New York, New York

Thank you, Steve! I accepted a position today. I have much to learn, but I’m very excited. Thank you so much for your help, you really helped me to be more confident in my interviews and I think that made all the difference for them because of the types of clients the firm serves.

Estate Planner and Attorney, Naples, Florida

Thanks again for talking with me. You inspired and energized me.

Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Washington, D.C.