How Unconventional Majors Can Help You Thrive in Entrepreneurship

How Unconventional Majors Can Help You Thrive in Entrepreneurship

Lambeth Hochwald offers this article in Entrepreneur.
Four unconventional majors:

If you are still unsure about what possible areas you should explore, workplace consultant Steve Langerud steers you to four majors you should consider to help bolster your entrepreneurship skills:

1. Geography. Studying the lay of the land, can actually help entrepreneurs develop skills in data analysis, patterns and trends.

2. Anthropology. Understanding people and systems are a key skill for entrepreneurship. Also, if you can learn how to do an ethnography (research that focuses on a particular culture), you’ll be well equipped in the business world when engaging with various people.

3. English. Developing the ability to read and analyze dense materials with a critical eye, delving deeply into character and motivation and clearly expressing yourself in writing are backbones for successful entrepreneurs. These skills will help you know yourself, your employees and market.

4. Law. Knowing the right question to ask is more critical to entrepreneurs than knowing the right answer. Plus, being familiar with the law can assist you when making imperative decisions for your business.