Look Great in Your Skype Interviews

Look Great in Your Skype Interviews


Companies are using Skype as a tool in screening interviews.  It pays to do a little preparation before you begin your interview.  Here are seven simple tips to help make the most of your Skype interview.

1. Place your camera at eye level.  Normally, we are looking down at computer during a Skype session.  Look them in the eye!

2. Get the lighting right.  Usually the lighting is too dark or too bright.  Take some time to get it right.

3. Turn on the lights and avoid bright light from windows or lamps directly behind you.

4. Put a reading lamp behind the computer facing your face.  In this case, turn down other lights and close the blinds.

5. Turn down the brightness of your computer screen.  It will help you avoid looking washed out.

6. Look into the camera, not the screen.

7.  Don’t move too much.  Depending on the quality of your connection the jerky movements are distracting.

Oh, and remember, smile!