Liberal Arts and a Ph.D. in Economics

Liberal Arts and a Ph.D. in Economics

Here is what I learned at lunch from two economists talking about students from liberal arts colleges who wish to pursue a Ph.D. in economics.

1. Math. Math. Math. Develop and demonstrate high level quantitative skills early and often.

2. Develop relationships with faculty who will support your work and write letters of recommendation.

3. Do research and publish with faculty at your college or university.

4. Read the ‘trade publications’ or scholarly journals in economics.

5. Present at annual conferences.

6. Look at the The American Economic Association Graduate Study in Economics Web Pages

7. Consider the Fulbright or other scholarly post graduate opportunities outside your home country.

8. Be clear about your focus within economics and the outcomes you seek for a Ph.D. Research? Teaching? Higher Education? Business? Government?

9. Seek out social networking or other sites sharing information about the appaliction and interview process.

10. Do well. Work hard. Stay focused.

Let me know other ideas, strategies and experiences you’ve had applying to graduate school in economics.